Dear Parents,
This week we will learn about:
1) The letter Rr, the R sound
2) Sight words – run, ran and ride
3) R Blends-br, cr, fr, pr, tr, dr, gr etc.
4) Counting and ordering the numbers 11-20
5) Space and Sky
6) Mardi Gras customs
Monday night—Have your child complete the handwriting sheet on the letter Rr. Don’t forget to draw a picture on the back of the page that starts with R.
Tuesday night—Help your child read the poem in the purple poetry notebook. Have your child circle and count all the Rr’s in the poem and draw a picture on the next page to go with the poem.
Wednesday night—Have your child complete the math page on writing how many. The directions are on the top of the page.
Thursday night—Help your child find something at home that starts with the R sound. Put it in the brown bag in your child’s folder. Practice your sight words for the sight word bee tomorrow.

Since we have returned from the Christmas break, the children have started using a computer based reading program called Lexia. This program will only be used in school. You may have heard your child discuss this at home. On the next parent conference day (3/15) we will discuss your child’s progress with this program.
The Scholastic book order forms for February are in your child’s folder today. If you would like to order any books this month, please order online by this Friday (2/9).
This Wednesday (2/7) is Math & Science Night. It will be held from 6:00-7:30 and we encourage our little mudbugs to attend. It is similar to Literacy Night, however this time, the activities are Math, Science and/or Health related. If your child attends and completes five of the activities, he/she will earn a dress-down pass to be used the next day.
This Friday (2/9) is also our Pre-K Mardi Gras parade. The students will be able to wear a Mardi Gras shirt or a purple, green and/or gold shirt. The students will parade and throw beads to the older students. Please make sure to send one or two bags of beads on Thursday for your child to throw at the parade. No trinkets, cups, or stuffed animals are needed; only beads. Also, make sure the beads are not tangled. This is a student only event. Our student council members will be on hand to help our little ones during the parade.*Please empty your child’s school bag with the exception of his/her folder, and R Bag as the students will use their school bags during the parade to hold his/her beads.
We would like to thank those parents who have bought tickets for the Gretna Jubilee or sent in donations for our class baskets. We really appreciate your support. Don’t forget, the ticket prices go up after this Friday from $50 to $60 so be sure to buy them soon.

Have a great week!!

The Pre-K Teachers